Pas Panelen

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Sandwich panels are a relatively unknown product for the average Dutchman, yet they are often enough in everyday life. They are used for truck trailers, construction sheds and even caravans, among other things. In this traditional market, the line between what you can and cannot show is very thin. A difficult obstacle if you want to work on your online presentation and brand awareness. It was up to Rubrix to devise a clear online strategy together with Pas Panelen, with which the right target group can be reached without giving away too many secrets.

In addition to forming a “business card”, the purpose of the website is also to generate more leads. Tools that are used for this are a brochure that visitors can receive via email and a newsletter. This has meanwhile provided Pas Panelen with a large number of leads and assignments and can therefore be called a success.

What makes this project special is that a house style has been developed for the website of Pas Panelen, which we have used again for the other companies, which are closely related to Pas Panelen. The challenge: to develop three separate sites with their own layout, content and colors, but recognizable as one whole. See below how we approached this.