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Orvion’s experts employ biotechnology to purify soil and water, and detect important microorganisms. The Orvion website was outdated, both in appearance and technology.

Solution: a brand-new website that meets Orvion’s requirements. The first task was to define the requirements. This was done by taking sufficient time to understand the needs of the organization. One of the critical requirements was the ability to upload articles and other knowledge updates. A clear desired situation was outlined to establish a system that is easy for Orvion to use.

In addition to the importance of self-updating the website, it was crucial that it had a professional and sleek appearance that reflects Orvion’s reputation as a reliable expert in biotechnology.

Since Orvion offers its services worldwide, the website was created in multiple languages. We fully assisted Orvion in this aspect. Moreover, we established the structure in such a way that it is optimized for Google in each language. The result? Please see the images below.