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Orvion’s experts use biotechnology to purify soil and water and detect important micro-organisms. The Orvion website was built a few years ago and is no longer up to date. Both the appearance and the technology behind the website left much to be desired.

Solution: a brand new website that meets Orvion’s package of requirements. First of all, the task of compiling that package of requirements. Extensive time has been taken for this. One of the points that clearly emerged was the importance of being able to upload articles and other knowledge updates yourself. A clear desired situation has been outlined, so that a system could be set up that is easy to use for Orvion.

Besides the importance of being able to update the site yourself, it was important that the website has a professional, sleek look that suits a company like Orvion: reliable and the expert in the field of biotechnology.

Because Orvion offers its services all over the world, the website is set up in several languages. We have completely unburdened Orvion in this area. In addition, we have technically set up the structure in such a way that it is optimized for Google in every language. The result? Check out the images below.