Nabils Barbershop

  • Booking system
  • Design
  • Development


Nabil’s Barbershop needed a new website to better serve their customers and enable online appointment booking. Rubrix was tasked with designing and developing a sleek and professional website, including a convenient booking system.

During the process, various concepts and designs were proposed and discussed, combining Rubrix’s expertise and creativity with the client’s vision and needs.

An important component of the new website was the booking system. Rubrix implemented a user-friendly and intuitive booking system, enabling customers to easily make appointments online at Nabil’s Barbershop. This has made agenda management easier and improved the customer experience.

Another notable aspect of the website is the uniquely designed Instagram grid. This adds a personal touch to the website, providing customers with a glimpse into the daily activities and results of the barbershop.

Communication between Nabil’s Barbershop and Rubrix was fast and effective. Thanks to the good collaboration and quick communication, the website was delivered on time and had a positive impact on the brand.

Nabil's Barbershop