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We have developed a website in collaboration with Stichting de Vluchtheuvel aimed at informing young people and their parents about gaming behavior, as the amount of time spent on gaming by young people is on the rise and gaming addiction is becoming more prevalent.

One of the goals of this website is to collect data on gaming behavior. Young people are challenged to complete a test, which asks questions about their favorite games, as well as the number of hours they spend gaming. Based on the completed test, they are shown how gaming affects their lives using meter readings.

The development of this website posed several challenges. Firstly, the design had to be appealing to young people. How do you make young people enthusiastic about completing the test? We have created a playful design with influences from popular games. In addition to the design, it is important that the test functions optimally and that the results are displayed visually attractively. We made the data collected by the test visible to Stichting de Vluchtheuvel by setting up dashboards.

The result is impressive, and the test has been completed by a large number of users.