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Young people are spending more and more time gaming. That may be very innocent, but the rising numbers of game addiction do not lie. In collaboration with Stichting de Vluchtheuvel, we have built a website where young people and their parents can obtain information about game use.

One of the purposes of this website is to collect data about game use. Young people are challenged to complete a test in which questions are asked about their favorite games, but also about how many hours they play. Based on the completed test, they are shown on the basis of meters how gaming affects their lives.

Building this website had a number of challenges. First of all, the design must be inviting for young people. How do you get young people so excited to take the test? We have created a playful design, with influences from some popular games. In addition to the design, it is important that the test functions optimally and that the result is visually attractive. We have made the data collected by the test transparent for Stichting de Vluchtheuvel by setting up dashboards.

The result is impressive and the test has now been completed by a large number of users.